56 Weight Loss Tips

24-Jan 2014, by Lee Sandwith

Losing weight doesn’t have to be so difficult but if you’re putting pressure on yourself to lose weight super fast then you’re just setting yourself up to fail. It’s proven that dieting just doesn’t work and rather than thinking about short-term wins you should be looking towards adopting a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve come across a couple of great articles this week. The first is an awesome video from Sandra Aarmodt on how ‘dieting usually doesn’t work’. Check the talk out on Ted: 5 stars!


The second comes courtesy of Michelle Foley through an article posted on the  Popsugar website earlier this year. Michelle shares the same view as us in that you shouldn’t be looking for quick fixes and that it’s more about the long game. There’s a whopping 56 tips and tricks in the article to get you on your way and here’s our picks!

Live an Overall Active Life

Physical activity, be it training for a half marathon or hitting the gym, is important for losing weight, but don’t skip moving about in your everyday life. Take the stairs, walk your dog, vacuum vigorously, bike to dinner, and garden. All these things will help burn calories and keep you in an active frame of mind.

Get Some Sleep

Life gets hectic, but make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Besides strengthening your immune system, proper rest also ensures healthy eating habits. On a daily basis, sleepy people eat more, and since the body functions poorly when sleep-deprived, it ends up storing more fat, i.e. inadequate sleep can lead to an extra three pounds a year! Besides, think about all the workouts you skip when you’re too tired to get to the gym.

Stop With the Scale

It may be tempting to step on a scale whenever you see one, but if it’s making you feel bad, then give it a break. Keep in mind that the number is not going to change overnight. Allow yourself weekly weigh-ins, but also factor in that what you see isn’t always the most accurate measure of weight-loss efforts. You could be building fat-burning muscle, which could be pushing the number up.

Always Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a huge mistake if you want to lose weight. Enjoying a hearty and nutritious meal in the morning can actually jump-start your metabolism and encourage pounds to drop. Choose a breakfast that’s high in protein to give you energy and full of fiber to keep you satisfied for hours. Here are some healthful breakfast swaps that ensure your meals are always on point.

Once the Weight Is Gone, You Can’t Go Back to Your Old Ways

You used to devour a big bag of potato chips with your lunch, but when you decided to lose weight, you replaced it with a side salad. Now that the weight is off, don’t go back to your chips habit. Losing weight is a lifestyle change, not something you do until you reach your goal. Once you go back to old eating habits, the weight will quickly creep back on. Give yourself room for indulgences, but make sure it’s all in moderation.

Pack a Lunch

Taking the time to pack a healthful lunch is one of the best ways to stay committed to a healthy meal plan. Most of the time when you do takeout, the calorie count is a mystery, since many foods aren’t labeled. Being able to account for all the ingredients in your food will help you stay committed to your weight-loss goals and not be surprised by what you’re actually eating!

Push Your Body

If you don’t feel like trying something new in your exercise regimen, there are still ways to step up your current routine. Adding an extra 20 minutes to a workout, sprinting at the end of a run, or choosing heavier weights may make all the difference.

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