Cooking with Cacao

willie's Peruvian black14-Jul 2015, by Lee Sandwith

We’ve talked about the health benefits of chocolate in a previous article but we haven’t really explored its full potential.

As a rule of thumb, it’s pretty well known that products with a higher percentage of cacao are of higher quality and potentially more beneficial from a health perspective.

So what about 100% cacao?

I first came across the possibility of using 100% cacao a few years ago after watching Channel 4’s awesome documentary series called Willi’s Wonky Chocolate Factory in the UK.

The series followed “Willie” Harcourt-Cooze’s journey growing high quality cacao beans on his farm in Venezuela, and his mission to establish a brand of 100% cacao chocolate in the UK.

The good news is that he succeeded and I managed to get hold of a nice wee slab of Peruvian Black during a recent trip back to the UK.

The possibilities for cooking with cacao seem to be endless, as a brief browse online will quickly confirm.

Willie has some great recipes on his website – check out this one with scallops and this awesome chilli – and there’s a bunch of inspirational posts online which I’ll be checking out in more detail later.

If you haven’t yet experienced Willie’s products you’re missing out; if the 100% cacao isn’t for you (it’s just for cooking really), you MUST check out some of his other treasures (the Peruvian Gold 70 is ridiculous!).

You can read more about Willie and his products on his websites, here and here.


Image credits: The Essential Ingredient Rozelle, Amazon

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