Keto/Not Keto – Are Dates and Honey Keto? (Strict, Dirty, Lazy Keto Dubai)

Dirty keto, lazy keto, strict keto… All these terms being bandied about on the Dubai keto scene, but what do they REALLY mean? In this article, we take a look at what strict, dirty and lazy keto are generally considered to be in Dubai, and unpack our own view on these and certain ingredients like dates and honey.

27-Aug 2019, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Depending on which page you are following or who you are listening to, you will get slightly different answers, but most of them will settle around the following.

Strict keto has a list of ingredients that are ‘keto’ or ‘not keto’. Many of these foods have been included because of their inflammatory properties, while others simply because of their high carb content (such as dates and honey).

Lazy keto is then considered to be keto where you are still careful about your ingredients and food choices but don’t tend to track your macros. Dirty keto on the other hand is when you track your macros, but you can eat ANYTHING without consideration to it’s healthfulness as long as you don’t surpass your carb limit for the day.

However, most people here in Dubai are pretty confused about where they put themselves on the sliding scale, and are quick to judge others food choices as being one or the other. This can be hurtful to someone trying to make a lifestyle chance, particularly when you label them lazy or dirty keto.

At ingfit we don’t really prescribe to any one of these categories. We believe that food is fuel, and if an ingredient is healthful there is no reason to exclude it.

To us, keto is short for ketosis. This is the state a body enters into when it is depleted of carbs, after vigorous exercise, as a result of fasting or through consuming exogenous ketones. And as long as one of these conditions is in place, ketosis will occur in most people.

If you REALLY think about it, this means there is no such thing as “keto” and “not keto” foods as it really depends on your own body’s response. Putting foods into boxes like this may be a great for newbies to get a better understanding of the diet, but as you get more experienced you should really start to think about keto in terms of it being a “metabolic process”.

We believe in a healthy, whole foods approach to diet, which fits none of these three categories (strict, dirty, lazy). We believe in keeping carbs low, and nutrient rich foods high. And honey and dates are HIGHLY nutrient rich, both associated with a plethora of health benefits.

While we would never suggest opening a bag of dates and eating a whole lot of them or pouring honey into your coffee (both actions would kick 99.9% of people out of ketosis), finding these on an ingredient list as the sweetener, where you have the carb breakdown in front of you should be a source of joy!

This amazing treat that you are about to enjoy has been sweetened with two of nature’s finest nutritious sweeteners AND you can have SOME without going over your carb limit for the day.

There is nothing dirty or lazy about this sort of keto at all! While it also doesn’t fit into strict keto because the ingredients (alone, in larger amounts) are higher in carbs, we think that’s a very narrow view to take on the natural foods this planet has to offer us. Especially those that we in Dubai are blessed enough to have access to the highest qualities of!

Bottom line: ketosis is a metabolic process and carb thresholds vary from person to person. Technically any food can be included if you manage your macros sufficiently to keep you in ketosis.

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