Air bicycles

Air Bicycles are one of the best abs exercises as they target the upper and lower abdominal areas simultaneously whilst also working the hip flexors and obliques. They’re easy to perform and you can easily build up to high repetitions before you ‘feel the burn’, however, for maximum results, rather than focussing on quantity, try to focus on the quality of every contraction.


air bicycles exercise guide and instructionsLie on your back with your shoulder slightly off the ground and your hands behind your head. Use your abs to curl your body forward (like a crunch), bring your right knee towards your left elbow and extend your left leg out straight. Continue alternating from left to right, bringing your opposite knees and elbows together, keeping your feet and shoulders off the ground.

image credits: fitness illustrated


Also known as: Air bike, Bicycle crunches
Primary muscles: Abdominals
Secondary muscles N/A
Equipment needed: Bodyweight
Level: Beginner

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