The Plank is a pretty easy exercise to perform which primarily works the abdominals but also other muscle groups such as the shoulders, neck, biceps, lower back and glutes. That said, poor Plank form is a pretty common sight in most gyms so it makes sense to do your research first so you’re not wasting your time and risking injury.


plankLie on an exercise mat, face down, supporting your weight on your toes and your forearms. Your arms should be bent and directly below the shoulder and you should either clasp your hands together or clench your fists and keep them slightly apart. Keep your back straight at all times, and hold the position as long as possible.

image credits: fitness illustrated


Also known as: Prone Iso Abs
Primary muscles: Abdominals
Secondary muscles Shoulders, Neck, Biceps, Lower back, Glutes and Calves
Equipment needed: Bodyweight
Level: Beginner

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