Bodyweight Pyramid Workout (Cardio HIIT Fitness Test)

This pyramid workout is super challenging and designed to assess cardio fitness levels. The test comes from an established boxing gym in the UK; essentially, if you can do the whole thing (up and down), apparently you’re ready for 3 rounds of boxing!

Boxing aside, this is a great test for improving your cardio fitness levels. Given that it’s varied, it drives your heart rate up and down so is great for burning fat. Essentially it’s a bit of a combination of HIIT training and Circuit Training.

Highly recommend that you warm up for 5 minutes or so before diving in, either on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine but keep it light to ensure your performance in the main event isn’t hampered. Essentially, you just work your way down the list and add a new exercise every round!

Give it a go and post your time in the comments below.

The Pyramid Workout


The Exercises

There has been a lot of debate on the exercises so I’ve put together a YouTube playlist. Please review and if you don’t agree with any of the exercises, let us know and we’ll keep it up to date.

Up and Down!

If this gets too easy for you, you can double the effort by doing it in reverse once you have completed the above, for example, starting with 10 sit-ups and working your way back up the list, adding a new exercise every round.


  • Did this last night for the first time in a couple of years! Forgot how hard it was. Pretty sure my pb is around 13 mins, but did it on an embarrassing 27 mins….. the challenge is on

  • I’m in!!

  • Just done 21:00; was doing it a bit wrong last night, and a bit harder!! Over to you Jamie 😉

  • WTF!!!

  • Am I allowed to partake again in your fitness challenges after last time

  • Will do this

  • I’ll have a bash

  • I’m in. I’ll do this in the next couple of days. I’ll give you my time when I do it. I’ll then give my time again in 3 months when I pay off the ship

  • Will do it but can you suggest an alternative to the tuck jump, last time I did them, I pulled a muscle in my back and had to have acupuncture (ouch!) x

  • Did it in 21:00 mins on 4th May

  • Alice Alice

    Did it in 21:09 minutes on 1st September. Man that was and always be the most challenging workout for me but loved every bit of it.

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