Is fruit juice is making you gain weight?

4-Feb 2014, by Lee Sandwith

fruit juice apple orange kiwiI’ve always been cautious when it comes to fruit juice as it’s a bit confusing trying to whittle the wheat from the chaff. For example, there’s the debate about ‘concentrated’ versus ‘not from concentrate’ and the perpetual ‘is organic good for you‘ argument.

For me, these points are interesting but somewhat miss the point in terms of what’s important when it comes to designing a healthy diet. Specifically, in the context of weight loss, fruit juice can be pretty unhelpful due its relatively high calorie content and given that it contains a lot of sugar.

Fruit juices with ‘added sugar’ are clearly much worse than their more natural ‘no added sugar’ counterparts, but the delusion which seems to infect a huge percentage of people is that all fruit juice is healthy. This is a mistake purely because all fruit juice is high in sugar, and whether that’s natural or from other means is matter-less as it’s still sugar.

Many studies have proved that fruit juice is not as healthy as we’re made to believe and I’ve picked out a couple of great articles which support the case.

First up, in a recent article, Men’s Fitness referred to a study from The Lancet in which it reports that “[in the study] medical researchers took a swing at every day fruity beverages, saying that juice – even the all natural freshly squeezed stuff – played just as large a part in the obesity and diabetes epidemic as highly sweetened sodas”.

Second, Mike Matthews from Muscle For Life purported that “in many cases it’s little more than flavoured sugar water” and that “drinking calories is never a good idea when you’re trying to lose weight”. If you’re not familiar with Mike’s work, check him out as he has an awesome portfolio of products and regularly posts top quality articles such as this one in which he highlights 5 diet foods that don’t help you lose weight.

The importance of not drinking calories is a no brainer and a topic which I cover in my eBook, however, the key take away from all of this should be that you need to realign your thinking when it comes to fruit juice, especially if you’re looking to shed a few pounds.

Ideally water should be your main source of fluid: the chances are you’re not getting enough so do yourself a favour and stop drinking yourself fat with crappy beverages!

This, along with other important factors, is covered in our eBook so check it out if you need a bit of handholding through the weight loss process. It’s tried and tested.

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