Keto & Primal Health UAE – Episode 11 (Chocolate)

We know choosing a keto, diabetic friendly ‘sugar free’ chocolate can be a tough task here in the UAE. In this short video we discuss how to check if yours is a good option or not. Enjoy!

20-October 2018, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

‘Sugar-free’ chocolate is everywhere… With the rise of diabetes, companies have seen the gap and filled it fast.  However, the ingredients used in most of these major brands, claiming to be keto chocolate, diabetic chocolate and sugar free chocolate, (especially the ones dominating the shelves in Dubai and the UAE) mean that it still has a significant GI impact. This makes it both an unsafe choice for diabetics, and a serious trap for people trying to stay keto or keep their carbs very low.

In this video, Bronwyn and Lee look at the most prominent sugar-free chocolates on the Dubai and UAE low-carb/diabetic shelves. They take a closer look into their ingredients and outline which ones are TRULY keto chocolate, diabetic chocolate and properly sugar free chocolate! Meaning of course, which will likely keep you in ketosis and which won’t.

Because, after all, it’s chocolate… and the world is just more lovely with it in it.

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