Keto & Primal Health – Episode 14 (Organ Meats)

Organ meats are being lauded all over social media for their incredible health benefits and ancestral relevance, so in this episode we discuss how nutrient dense they are and where to find them in Dubai.

9-Dec 2018 by Bronwyn MacRitchie

In this episode it’s time to talk about organ meats!  These are becoming a hot topic in ancestral health circles all over the world, and the evidence is pretty clear that the muscle meat is not the most nutrient dense part of the animal we could be eating!

Lee and Bronwyn chat about the wisdom of our grandparents and ancestors, and then go on to talk about how we should be incorporating these superfoods in our diets today. 

They discuss the importance of ensuring the animal was farmed organically, and where to safely find these organ meats in Dubai and the UAE.

So… get ready to have your paradigms shifted and open your mind to rethinking your stance on liver and brain!

Here’s the link to Deena Organic Farms which are discussed in the video. At the time of publishing they still had not been cleared for sheep and goat organs, but we are hopeful this will happen in the near future.

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