Keto & Primal Health – Episode 16 (Bone Broth)

In this episode its all things Clean Living Company, bone broth fasts, very low carb protocols and incredible bone broth success stories.

27-Apr 2019, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Bone broth has proven itself as a staple in the health conscious community. But there are definitely differences in quality when it comes to the broth you choose! In this episode Bronwyn and Lee interview Dean T Henry, co-founder and CEO of the Clean Living Company, the most nutrient dense broth in the UAE!

Dean tells us the story of the Clean Living company, and how they have worked tirelessly to source the highest possible quality ingredients. He discusses the 21 day protocol which involves going on a very low carb diet and consuming bone broth daily, as well as incorporating a certain number of bone broth fasts.

He also share some incredible success stories of clients who have healed long term ailments using bone broth and bone broth fasts, giving inspiration to all of us who still have things we would like to correct.

Enjoy the podcast!

To get your hands on some of this broth head on over to the Clean Living Company… but make sure you ask us for the exclusive ingfit discount code first!

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