Keto & Primal Health Episode 18 (Freda Molamphy)

In Episode 18, Lee sits down with Freda Molamphy, Holistic Nutritionist for a conversation about optimisation in the UAE! They discuss everything from the importance of listening to your body, the application of keto for endurance in Dubai to the importance of a regular and varied training regime.

12-Jun 2019 by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Freda Molamphy is a Holistic Nutritionist who has been the official nutritionist for the Dublin marathon, run several competitive marathons herself, and has been living in Dubai for the past 11 years working in the nutritional department of a supermarket chain. She was ahead of her time in using keto to train endurance athletes and now lives a mostly keto lifestyle herself.

She and Lee discuss various tips for optimization here in the UAE, the potential of keto for endurance in Dubai and ways they both hope to improve their own quality of life going forward, such as doing more things like hot yoga.

Enjoy listening!

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