Keto & Primal Health UAE – Episode 13 (Exogenous Ketones)

We know this topic goes round and round. With the advent of the keto weight loss pills being advertised everywhere, we decided to talk through exogenous ketones. What they are, what they aren’t and how they relate to weight loss.

24-Nov 2018 by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Exogenous ketones. If you have heard of them you probably have an opinion on them, one way or the other. However we have found that a lot of people are confused about them. Whether or not they contribute to weight loss, what they are actually for, and whether or not they are something they should be included in a keto diet and lifestyle.

In this video, Lee and Bronwyn present a balanced view of the research currently available on exogenous ketones. They look at how exogenous ketones can be applied as a weight loss tool and how they can’t. They then discuss their own experiences with the ketones and share their preferences and personal uses of them.

Lastly they go on to discuss some of the big names on the playing field available here in the UAE, which they personally prefer and why.

If you have ever wondered about this BHB in a bottle, then this video is for you! Everything you need to know about exogenous ketones, weight loss and the ones available here in the UAE.

Here’s a link to all the exogenous ketones available on our website… and here’s a link to our clear favourite (shhhhhh!)

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