Keto & Primal Health UAE – Episode 17 (Dean Henry)

In this episode Lee and Dean discuss how to use various aspects of lifestyle to produce the best results for health, fitness and longevity here in the UAE. What is the best diet here in Dubai? What is the best training approach? It’s all in this episode!

17 – May 2019, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

Lee sits down for a conversation with Dean Henry, co-founder and CEO of the Clean Living Company and ingfit approved Functional Medicine Health Coach.⁣ ⁣

They discuss everything from circadian rhythms and strength training to hormones and EMFs and how they manipulate their daily diet and lifestyles to experience the highest possible health and wellness.⁣ ⁣

Red lights, Oura rings, strength coaches and perfect form, nothing is left off the table! They get specific about Dubai and the UAE with regards to the best diet and the highest choices for health and longevity.

If you have been wondering about how to optimise your own lifestyle, diet and training for longevity here in the UAE, this is the podcast for you! Plenty of awesome tips and tricks to pick up and try!⁣ ⁣

If you are interested in a Oura ring, Dean is happy to share his experience, and has an exclusive discount code he can share with you.

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