Keto & Primal Health UAE – Episode 3 (Keto Testing)

In our humble opinion, there’s a lot of unwelcome misinformation circulating within the Dubai keto community about how testing is not required, or even worse ‘unhealthy’. For one, if you own a keto test kit you will be able to regularly measure your ketone levels and make changes to your diet in response to results, thus allowing you to get a better handle on how your body responds to certain food groups and different macronutrient profiles.

9-Jul 2018, by Lee Sandwith

In our third video we talk about the importance of testing not only blood ketones but a range of biomarkers when following a ketogenic diet.

Testing ketones presents the opportunity to adjust your diet based on results which in itself enough of a reason to test ketone levels. However ketones are just one of a range of markers that any avid ketoer should consider tracking. As a start, the following should be on the hit list:

  • Fasting blood glucose
  • Inflammation (CRP)
  • Cholesterol
  • Hormones
  • Micronutrients

Show notes

We have an article coming on on testing shortly so please watch this space. One of the major points covered in the video was the need to test cholesterol before embarking on a keto journey. I’ve written extensively about cholesterol so check out this article for further details & resources.

Lastly, if you’re thinking about getting yourself a test meter, we have a range of options available in our online store but would highly recommend the awesome Keto-Mojo which is arguably the best blood glucose & ketone meter available.


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