Keto & Primal Health UAE – Episode 7 (Bone Broth Dubai)

With so many of us being so busy with our schedules in Dubai and the UAE, but still wanting to stay as healthy as possible and reap the many benefits of bone broth, we are lucky to have two bone broth delivery services available to us!

2-Sep 2018, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

In Episode 7, we have a look at the two bone broth delivery services in Dubai, The Cleaning Living Company and HAPI.

We were impressed with the organic ingredients overall but it was worthwhile to note that The Clean Living Company uses apple cider vinegar which is nutritionally superior to the vinegar used by HAPI.

HAPI has a wider assortment of flavors overall, however it seems that the Clean Living Company has put more care into providing the highest possible quality on the flavors they do offer.

Both companies offer weekly subscriptions at discounted rates if you want your weekly bone broth supply delivered, and the Clean Living Company takes it to the next level providing a three day bone broth cleanse which comes with instructions, a 21 day lifestyle challenge and a one month subscription.

Both companies have easy to navigate websites and great delivery services, though our Clean Living broth did arrive before our HAPI.

Overall, the Clean Living Company seems to be more concerned with the wellness of their clients and is headed by a dynamic health professional who walks the walk and truly understands the healing power of bone broth. If we ordered again, this would definitely be our choice.

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