Keto & Primal Health UAE – Episode 9 (Protein Bars UAE)

Protein Bars are super popular in the UAE but how many are actually healthy and which ones are suitable for anyone following keto or LCHF diet? In this episode team ingfit shares its thoughts. Enjoy!

24-Sep 2018, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

The protein bar scene in the UAE is huge… With the ever-growing gym culture, these have become a regular sight in virtually every supermarket in the UAE, Certainly in Dubai. Lined up next to the checkout counters, these bars seem to scream,’Pick me, I’m a healthy option!’ Many of them also claim to be low carb! But how far are we to trust these claims?

In this video, Lee and I take a look at the range of low carb protein bars available in the UAE, and look at whether their packing is actually being deceptive or not.

Different terminology for carbohydrates found on protein bars in the UAE is discussed… Impact carbs and net carbs, and what these terms actually mean.

They talk about two ingredients everyone should watch out for and go on to give viewers some safe options they can go to for low carb protein bars here in Dubai and the UAE without too much concern!


SPOILER ALERT: our best picks for available keto protein bars in the UAE are Fulfil & Question nutrition, both of which are available on 🙂

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