Keto & Primal Health UAE Episode 1 (Keto Dubai, About)

Keto & Primal Health UAE is concerned with the ketogenic diet and ancestral health in the context of promoting holistic health and longevity. The main objective of this group is to provide additional support to anyone looking to embark on a keto journey in Dubai & the UAE.

30-Jun 2018, by Lee Sandwith

Welcome to the first episode of the Keto & Primal Health UAE podcast. In this episode, we share details on what we’re all about. You can also learn more about what we’re trying to do in the Dubai keto community in the video and through our Facebook Group. It’s a closed group so we can keep the riff raff out, but if you’re in the UAE and starting out on your keto journey, head over to the page and ask to join and we’ll set you up.


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