Healthy Recipes

No one likes boring food. It’s boring!! You can easily lose weight and stay in shape by eating awesome food you love. All you need is a bunch of awesome healthy recipes

No one likes boring food. It’s boring!! Surviving on a diet of rice cakes, green vegetables and plain chicken breast is a bit crappy to say the least – who wants to live like that? Not us anyway, and that’s why we put so much effort into sharing lots of tasty, healthy recipes.

In our eBook alone we have 75 awesome recipes, all designed by certified nutritionists with a passion for food, nutrition and healthy living. We also share the best healthy recipes from all over the world, discarding the average, only endorsing and sharing the best of the best.

Roasted sweet potatoes with goats cheese

Healthy recipes for every occasion

Fancy, flamboyant meals may well be fitting for your wedding anniversary, but we’re only interested in everyday healthy recipes that work for the normal people. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack for your lunchbox, a muscle building post workout shake or a special dinner to impress you’re friends, you should be able to find something to whet your appetite.