Magic Keto Weight loss Pills in Dubai and the UAE? What are They Really?

Ads for magic keto weight loss pills are filling up social media feeds here in Dubai, the UAE and the rest of the GCC too! The fat burning promises they make seem almost too good to be true. And that’s exactly what they are. In this short article, we examine exactly what these pills ARE and ARE NOT, and give you the information you need to make up your own mind about them.

24-Mar 2019, by Bronwyn MacRitchie

What ARE these Bottles of Magic Keto Weight-loss for Sale in the UAE Anyway?

We thought we better address this topic, since the stories circulating on social media here in Dubai are varied. Experts have different opinions and some companies are making some extremely grandiose statements about the magic keto pills they are selling in the UAE that will instantly burn fat from your cells and induce rapid weight-loss!

All these pills are actually just extremely low doses of exogenous ketones (BHB) mixed with some other random mix of substances believed to increase metabolism such as caffeine or L-carnitine.

We wanted to write about them, since we have to explain almost daily why we don’t stock them and don’t intend to. We have to admit one thing they DO have is an excellent marketing strategy as people in the UAE and other GCC countries contact us looking for them with alarming frequency… so we thought we better address the issue in full.

And the issue actually is… exogenous ketones.

Firstly… What Exogenous Ketones Definitely CAN do

Exogenous ketones (in the sort of doses you get in powder form which is usually much higher than in pill form), are a very effective appetite suppressant.

This means that when you get hungry, and you have a drink of exogenous ketones, because they are providing your body with a very low calorie, but highly effective, energy source. They will satiate your hunger for a significant period of time…

Which means that it will be far easier for you to consume fewer calories… and as much as various other factors DO impact weight loss, the primary driving force behind it DOES remain calories in, calories out…

THEREFORE, if you are using a powerful appetite suppressant instead of eating a larger amount of calories, you WILL be able to lose weight more easily.

Please note, taking the low doses in these pills will simply NOT have this effect.

Second, What Exogenous Ketones Definitely CAN’T do

Simply adding exogenous ketones to your supplement list, especially in pill form, especially at a dose of 0.8g per pill, without adjusting your caloric intake at all, will have little to no impact on your weight loss.

These magic keto pills being advertised all over Dubai and the UAE right now say that you can continue to eat as many carbs as you like and still experience all the benefits of ketosis.

To put this bluntly, this is utterly nonsensical…

And this is why:

  1. Ketosis is the state your body naturally enters into when carbs are depleted. This means that BHB (the main ingredient in those pills) is being produced naturally in your liver consistently. This is where the reported and researched benefits come in.
  2. Exogenous ketones in the salt form (BHB salts, the ingredients in all exogenous ketones freely available in the market in Dubai today) are not being shown as anywhere near strong enough to consistently induce a state of ketosis in subjects who are following a completely non keto diet for any extended period of time. This is mainly because subjects cannot tolerate high enough doses (in the region of 20g or more) to achieve this because of the gastric upset such high doses induce. So, while there may be a spike in blood ketones, as soon as the body has metabolized them they will disappear again, switching you back to being a glucose burner.
  3. The amount of BHB in the pills for sale in Dubai and the UAE is negligible (0.8g per pill). This means if you were testing your blood ketones with a meter you would probably see no change at all unless you took handfuls of them (which we do not recommend).
  4. With that amount of BHB, and already being a carbohydrate burner, these pills will not even have any appetite suppression effect.
  5. Studies are also beginning to show that if you take exogenous ketones before exercise, lipolysis (fat burning) is reduced, as the body selects the exogenous fat source for the high level activity.
  6. The substance that IS being more successful in putting people who are not yet in a carb depleted state into ketosis are called ketone esters. These are liquid, only truly available in labs at the moment, and even then at huge cost. These are also still being tested.

Basically there is still NO magic pill… the answer lies in commitment to healthy and healing dietary choices.

If the keto or paleo lifestyle is one you have chosen and adhere to here in the UAE, then yes, you can consider taking exogenous ketones to support your weight-loss. But remember, it’s the potent appetite suppression that is doing it, not an increase in fat burning.

If this IS something you are interested in, choose an exogenous ketone supplement available in Dubai that is a fit for YOU!

Here are some tips:

  • A powder is generally more potent than pills, so you will be getting far more impact for your money.
  • You want to check that you are getting at least 6-12g of BHB per scoop (not 0.8g per pill).
  • Try the product… one scoop should leave you feeling energized, focused and ready for anything! If it upsets your stomach it’s probably not a good fit for regular use.
  • NEVER purchase an exogenous ketone product that does not state the exact measure of BHB salts included as concealing this information indicates that the manufacturer should not be trusted.
  • If fat burning is what you are after in your workout then try not to take ketones right before. Instead, time them away from workouts. However, if you are looking for a boost in performance in the gym, then taking them pre-workout can be an excellent strategy.


So, by all means, you SHOULD be seeking all the benefits of the state of ketosis these pills promise, but you simply can’t have them without committing to reducing your carbohydrate intake or by trying some prolonged fasting…

And WHEN you have done these things and achieved nutritional ketosis… exogenous ketones will be waiting for you to use as a lever to maximize your self control when it comes to calories IN, as well as turbocharge your mind and physical performance too!

If you want a more detailed look at exogenous ketones here in Dubai, try our podcast on the topic or this indepth article by Lee Sandwith.

Happy Ketoing

image credits: Purefit Keto, Revive Keto, Keto Burn, Keto Weight Loss Plus

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