Nuts can make you live longer!

22-Feb 2014, by Lee Sandwith

Can eating nuts help extend your life?For many years now I’ve been a huge fan of nuts and I partly attribute my affinity with these little wonders of nature to my success staying in shape over the years. They’re great for snacking and can really help curb hunger in between meals which is a great way of preventing overeating at meal times.

Recently I came across an article which really caught my eye as there is new scientific evidence to suggest that tree nuts may be associated with prolonged life. In the article, posted on the Natural News website, it is claimed that “those who consume nuts daily reduce the risk of death by 20 percent from any cause of death”.

That’s a pretty bold statement and a story too good not to share so, for your reading pleasure, here’s the full article. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment and if you are interested in this sort of this, please help by sharing this with your friends.

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Tree nuts found to lower death rate by 20 percent

A study by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that those who consume nuts daily reduce the risk of death by 20 percent from any cause of death. For death caused by heart problems, eating nuts reduces the risk of death by 29 percent. It was also observed that eating nuts reduces deaths caused by cancer by 11 percent.

Importance of nuts

Nuts are a good source of protein which is important for body building and repairing worn out tissues. They also have minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are needed for strong bones and manufacturing red blood cells. Nuts also have unsaturated fats; fats provide energy to the body.

Nut consumption reduces the risk of diseases such as colon cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and gallstones. According to the study, those who ate nuts rarely smoked, and were often found exercising, eating fruits, and drank a lot of water. Therefore, a high consumption of nuts led to the reduction in cholesterol levels, as well as better stress and insulin resistance. The study also showed that people who ate nuts were slender. This ruled out the assumption that eating nuts can make you overweight, because of the fat some nuts contains.

Findings from the research

The researchers picked data from more than 70,000 women and 40,000 men who were on an ongoing observational study on their diet and lifestyle. From their observation, the more nuts people ate, the less likely they were to die. According to the study, people who ate nuts once a week had an 11 percent reduction in mortality rate. Those who ate nuts four or two times a week had a 13 percent reduction, five times a week had a 15 percent reduction, while those who ate nuts every day had a 20 percent reduction in death rate.

The study did not indicate any specific nut. The results were the same for both groundnuts and tree nuts. But the most recommended were peanuts, cashew nuts, macadamia, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts.

The study did not show how nuts reduce the risk of death. It was an observational study that proved that nuts reduce chronic diseases. From other studies it has been proven that nuts reduce the risk of heart diseases and colon cancer. The study also tried to emphasize the importance of eating nuts daily. It has been proven from other studies that daily nut consumption reduces heart diseases and the risk of colon cancer.

The studies above indeed have scientific evidence that nut consumption reduces the rate of death, and that people who eat nuts have a more positive lifestyle.


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