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17-Apr 2018, by Lee Sandwith

If you’re into keto then there are a few products that can help to facilitate the process and to maximise the experience. The gold standard is an exogenous form of ketones called Beta Hydroxybuterate (BHB), or as I like to call it, ROCKET FUEL!!

BHB isn’t exactly mainstream yet but it’s rapidly gaining traction as one of the leading supplements for athletes, keto evangelists and anyone looking to enhance physical and mental performance.

If you’re not familiar with BHB, then tune in for a short introduction to keto…..

Most of our lives we’ve been told the primary source of energy for our bodies is carbohydrate: you know the old story, carbs, glucose energy etc etc.

It’s not untrue that our bodies use carbs to generate energy, that’s a scientific fact. However, what’s been emerging for the past few decades is that there’s a more efficient source of fuel that is rarely utilized by 21st century humans: ketones.

You see, the human body has a secondary metabolic system which kicks in under certain conditions, namely when we are fasting or when carbs are not freely available. This ingenious system evolved in early humans to supply us with the energy we need to survive in times of scarcity, you know, when you either need to chase down some prey or outrun a lion!

Ketone bodies, the most famous of which is BHB, are produced by the liver which burns fat either from the diet or excess body fat. This is keto in a nutshell, essentially where the body uses fat for energy instead of carbs, producing ketones to power the body instead of glucose.

And what’s really catching the attention of the health and fitness space is amazing side effects such as:

  • weight loss
  • more balanced and sustained energy levels
  • improved satiety
  • ability to go longer without food / fasting
  • enhanced cognitive ability
  • blood sugar regulation
  • reduced inflammation

So how does all of this affect you?

What most people don’t know is that you can actually buy Beta-Hydroxybutyrate in supplement form and it’s amazing. The best way to use BHB is in conjunction with a ketogenic diet as it enhances the experience, however, anyone can use it to experience the benefits of keto. It’s super safe and in my humble opinon one of the best supplement out there for energy, physical and mental performance.

Where to buy

If you’re a country which is amply supplied by Amazon, such as the UK and the US, then you can easily order BHB online. There are a few companies such as KetoSports and Perfect Keto developing amazing products to try.

In Dubai and the UAE, however, getting your hands on top-range keto supplements isn’t exactly easy which is why I’ve decided to launch as an extension to


At the moment we just have a limited number of products but we are fully operational with credit card payment facility and 48 hour shipping across the UAE. Over the next few months we’ll be bringing the best keto and paleo products to Dubai to serve the growing community of keto fans!

To get started, I’d highly recommend the BHB, MCT Oil Powder and a proper blood testing meter, essential to give you the confidence that you’re doing it right. To boot, you can get discounts off future purchase by joining our loyalty scheme and referring a friend.


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