Breakfast berry smoothie

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Total Time:    5 minutes

Nutritional per serving
Calories: 275 kcal
Fat: 5 g
Protein: 15 g
Carbohydrates: 43 g

Smoothies can be an awesome part of a healthy diet as they can be a great source of essential vitamins and can be great for meal replacement to keep hunger at bay. Our breakfast berry smoothie is from our eBook, The Ultimate Guide, and packs a punch of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Not everyone is a fan of using milk in smoothies so using rice milk is a great alternative. Rice milk is largely made up of carbs and contains less protein and calcium than cow’s milk, however, it’s free of any animal products so is great for vegetarians and vegan.

It’s also free of lactose making it great for anyone who is lactose intolerant, and it doesn’t contain any cholesterol so is healthier for the heart. Note that some products include added sugar so check the label and go for one free of any added sugar.

We’ve also added flax seed to this which is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and provides a good amount of fibre and polyunsaturated fats (good fats).

  • 240ml rice milk
  • 100g fat free Greek yogurt
  • 100g frozen raspberries
  • 50g fresh blueberries
  • 2 tsp freshly ground ginger
  • 1 tsp ground flaxseed
  • Juice from ½ fresh lemon

Tips & alternatives

If you enjoyed this recipe, head over to our healthy recipe archives where we have a growing collection of healthy smoothie recipes. Also, if you’re keen to learn more about blueberries, check out our superfood series article on the beautiful berry.

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