Steel cut oats with whey, banana & walnuts

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Total Time:    30 minutes

Nutritional per serving
Calories: 479 kcal
Fat: 18 g
Protein: 28 g
Carbohydrates: 60 g

This is an absolute powerhouse of a breakfast and although it takes a little bit more time to prepare it is perfect for a hearty pre-workout burst of nutrition and energy. Whilst all the variations of oatmeal are very healthy there are three different types which are processed slightly differently before they hit the shelves: steel cut, rolled and instant. Steel cut oats are wholegrain (groats) which are less processed than rolled and instant oats as the only process they go through is cutting with razor sharp steel blades.

To produce rolled oats, following the cutting process, oats are steamed and then rolled between cylinders to produce a lighter, flatter flake which is essentially easier to cook. Instant oats are produced by cutting groats into small pieces before the rolling and steaming process which makes them even easier to cook, hence the ‘instant’ definition.

Nutritionally speaking, there isn’t much difference between instant, rolled and steel cut oats, however, as steel cut oats are thicker and less processed than their counterparts they hold onto more of the grain meaning they are more ‘wholegrain’. In weight loss terms this means that they take longer to digest resulting in an even slower release of energy.

That said, all three types of oatmeal are extremely healthy and in today’s world grabbing instant oats may be your only option but if you have a bit more time, in order of preference, go for steel cut first, the rolled, then instant. However, watch out for any undesirable ingredients such as hydrogenated oils, artificial colours or flavours, sugar or salt which are really not required. You’re looking for 100% oats in the ingredients list, nothing else!


  • 50g Dried Steel Cut Oats
  • ½ scoop whey protein
  • 50ml skimmed milk
  • 50ml water
  • 75g banana
  • 10g walnuts
  • 1 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt
  • Cinnamon


  1. In a small saucepan, mix together the steel cut oats and the whey powder, then add the skimmed milk and mix thoroughly until consistent.
  2. Add the saucepan to a medium heat and stir until the oats are starting to warm.
  3. Add the water and bring to the boil, then lower the heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes
  4. Turn down to a low heat, stir in the banana and cook for another 2-3 minutes until the banana is slightly warm
  5. Remove from the heat, add the oats to a bowl and top with the natural yoghurt, walnut and cinnamon

Tips & Alternatives

20 minutes cooking time may still leave your oats a little chewy but you can cook for another 10 minutes or so if you would prefer them a little softer. You can also prepare a bigger batch by preparing the night before, however, it may be more difficult to get your portion sizes right and when trying to lose weight it’s preferable to limit this breakfast to once or twice per week due to the high carb content.

If you do prepare a batch, just use water and the dried oats adding all of the other ingredients when you make your individual breakfast. You can follow the same process as my instant oats recipe, i.e. add the whey and milk, microwave for 1 minute, add the banana and microwave for one further minute before topping with the other ingredients.

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